Robert S Davis
Authorized health insurance agent
License# 0F40549
306 Anthony ST, Santa Cruz, CA. 95060
Phone/Text: 831-234-1718 
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Robert Scott Davis is an authorized health insurance agent who has worked in the Santa Cruz community providing hundreds of affordable health insurance and medical coverage solutions for: indivduals (individual healthinsurance plans), families (family health insurance plans, and business health (business health plans and group health insurance plans for groups of 2 to 50), as well as services for current small Group members and Employers, for a number of years as a health insurance sales rep.

Mr. Davis offers a wide choice of medical coverage and health insurance plans for all your needs including short term health insurance, student health insurance, and various other health insurance plans to meet your budget.

You may email Scott directly or give him a call a the number above for all your health insurance needs.